Bob Marley is beyond great, he’s beyond a legend, Bob is in a league of his own. His brand and what he stands for is recognized and praised around the world. The term “One Love” derives from Bob Marley’s lifestyle, and the words he preached inside and outside of his music. Bob was passionate about a lot of things including sports, politics, charity, and of course music. His influence on global culture is unmatched by any other performing artist in the history of mankind. He always made sure to play a huge role in contributing to his fellow countrymen and women of Jamaica.

It’s a commonly known and agreed upon fact that Bob Marley brought ,Reggae music to the mainstream and because of him reggae music is known worldwide. Not only is Bob’s music amazingly catchy and fun to listen to, all of his songs have deep meaning’s advocating love, equality and world peace. He was inducted into the ” Rock and Roll Hall of Fame” in 1994 . He Tragically passed away on May 11,1981, due to cancer, there is a lot of controversy looming over his death and how it could have been prevented.

None the less Bob Marley is universal icon and a household name, he represents a way of life ,that in my opinion should be adopted by more people around the world. One can only imagine how much bigger of an impact he may have had on the world if he didn’t pass away so soon.