In the 1990’s the Hip hop scene changed forever, during this time Tupac Shakur was one of the most praised rappers of the time. He was extremely controversial: from his explicit lyrics praising the “Thug Life” to discriminatory lyrics towards woman. Yet he was also extremely poetic and strong supporter of the African American community. His lyrics were known to be extremely deep and have a lot of meaning. He had a long standing feud with former friend and rival New York City rapper “Biggie Smalls,” this is a legendary feud that ultimately lead to the death of both men. He has sold over 75 million records world wide, this is exponentially high especially given the short time he was alive to put out music during his peak. A lot like the other musicians on this list his life was cut short and there is no telling what Tupac may have accomplished, if he had not met his early demise. He was extremely empowering towards the black community. The influence he had on his fans; Caucasian and African Americans alike was unbelievable. Everyone wanted to be like him and backed his “Thug Life” mentality .While he did grow up in poverty he also attended art school at the age of 18 to develop his acting skills which he put to use in many films. He was a great actor and his movies were huge hits.  As years progressed and his fame grew, so did his maturity. He started using his influence for the better of The people. Tupac’s Manager at the time named Suge Knight, was considered one of the most dangerous and feared individuals in the music industry and often instigated dangerous situations. His violent mindset and lifestyle ultimately lead to his demise and he was murdered in a drive by shooting. This hit the hip hop community very hard, he is now hip hop legend and is thought to be one of the best rappers of all time.