American hip-hop star Biggie Smalls was born as Christopher George Latore Wallace on May 21, 1972 in Brooklyn, New York. Biggie experienced a tough childhood at a young age, he was encircled by drug addicts and dealers. As a product, by his pre teens Biggie had got himself into this life that was surrounded him. “Hustlers were my heroes,” he once said. “Everything happened on the strip I grew up in. It didn’t matter where you went, it was all in your face.”At the age of 17, Biggie was arrested for selling crack, and spent nine months in prison . As he traversed through¬†his early and uncertain life he¬†found music to be a great outlet. A man named Sean Puffy Combs, who was already estabilished in the music industry. Once Sean Combs heard Biggie rapping on tape, he was sold and they both embarked on a journey together that would change the course of hip hop forever. Biggie had a rtythm to his rhymes. He befriended another fellow rapper by the name of Tupac, these two both started to experience super stardom and it drove a wedge between their friendship. A legendary rivalry was born between the West coast and East coast rappers. After setting his legacy as one of the greatest of all times, his long time rival Tupac was murdered. The death of tupac angered a lot of fans, a month or so later Biggie went to one of his own album release parties anc was murdered upon leaving while in his SUV. Biggies death was as much a tragedy as Tupac’s who was murdered not long before him. The city of new York loved this man and praised him as a hometown hero. He and Tupac both are considered to be the best rappers of all time they are undoubtedly legends to this day.