American singer and songwriter born April 2, 1939  Marvin Gaye has been praised by many institutions following his passing like the Grammy Lifetime achievement Award and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Gaye put out a many of billboard topping hits in his life time  especially Grammy award winning hits ‘sexual healing’ and ‘Midnight Love’ . His future recordings also had a big impact on many genres such as quiet storm and neosoul which are evolved from Gaye’s personal style and music. His passing really had a big impact on the music world and not just because they lost one of its highly talented musicians but also because of how he lost his life. Gaye and his dad go into a lot of  heated arguments regarding missing documents which spanned over a long period of time but nobody would have imagined it would end in Gaye’s father murdering him with a gun that Gaye actually gifted to his father not long before hand. He passed just a day before his 45th birthday on  April 1, 1984 To this day people still listen to marvin gaye and his music is classic, often associated with love and relationships. There hasn’t really been another artist like him since to put out such resonating music. His soulful and smooth tone set him apart from other artist, especially during that time. His songs have stood the test of time and continues to have a way of affecting people in the aspect of love like no other.